Bronxville residence

I’ve been working on this project during 2013 and 2014 years with one of my favorite NYC interior designers Anjali Pollack. I loved this residence,  it turned out really charming and luxurious after Anjali’s team touched it with the magic…

That’s what they say about this project:

“This home in Bronxville was purchased by a couple with a young family. The house is an historic Tudor, with beautiful original details. However, when purchased it was extremely dated and dark.

Our clients were looking for an airy, light filled home in which they could relax and spend time with friends and family alike.

The goal was to maintain all of the original bones and design details, but update the overall look of the interior to a mix between classic and contemporary.  We achieved this by refinishing a lot of the dark wood paneling in lighter painted colors, and by playing up the moldings and architectural details with a highly specialized lightly gilded hand finish. Windows were left to breathe with subtle window treatments that enhanced the views.

Points of interest – a room on the second floor that has been dubbed the “Adirondack Room” has a piece of wood from the mast of Old Ironsides which serves as the mantelpiece for the fireplace. Seances were held in this room and there are original etchings still to be found on the lead paned windows!”