April 2013

Preparing for Professional Photography: A Checklist

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A Little Advance Work Pays Off

Photography, like any outside service an architect might need, has both cost and quality parameters — one to be minimized, the other to be maximized. By choosing an experienced professional and, in particular, by following the due-diligence steps recommended in the earlier pages of this series, you can be reasonably assured of getting the quality of results you need. Likewise, you can minimize the cost by working closely with your photographer in advance of and during the assignment.

The most productive photography assignment is one with few surprises while on location. Delays, downtime and retakes are too often the cause of both unnecessary expense and hasty compromises that may lead to disappointing results. With this in mind, the American Society of Media Photographers has compiled a checklist that covers many of the details involved when photographing architecture and interior design. By collaborating closely with your photographer and paying attention to details, you will maximize efficiency and productivity.