March 2013

Licensing Photographs for Publication

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The Value Of Photography

When properly handled, placing attractive images in a trade or consumer publication is a win for everyone. The publication gets better images, the architect gets favorable coverage and the photographer gets a licensing fee for the use of the images.

Editorial images have tremendous value for both the publisher and the architect. The magazine benefits because high-caliber professional photography adds to both the design and depth of the stories. Good architecture, represented by good photography, attracts a more affluent and professional readership. This allows the magazine to charge premium rates for advertising and buffs the magazine’s prestige. Although difficult to measure, prestige is more than a feel-good; it smoothes the road and opens doors for the magazine’s editors and sales reps.


Controlling the Cost of architectural photography project

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Architectural photography of a contemporary big and lux home

Photography To Fit Your Budget

Professional photography is of great value in advertising, marketing, magazine articles, competition submissions and office décor. Good imagery is a powerful tool for conveying the quality of your work.

Like architectural design and development, professional photography is a custom service that can be molded to meet your business goals and stay within your financial constraints. If your needs seem to outweigh your means, don’t be discouraged. Following are a few ideas to relieve the pressure on your budget.

Share The Cost With Others

You aren’t the only one who might benefit from photographs of a project. The owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, product manufacturers, tenants and others probably have similar pride in the building and a similar need to market themselves. With some forethought, all may be served by a single photography assignment where the costs can be distributed equitably, to everyone’s advantage. Photographers who specialize in architectural work are quite familiar with such arrangements. If this is your plan, it is essential to let the photographer know about it before the initial estimate is prepared.


Understanding the Estimate for Architectural Photography

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Interior of a master bedroom of an upscale loft located in Tribeca of Manhattan, New York City

Specifications For The Estimate

As a creative professional, you undoubtedly understand the importance of accurately defining the scope of work in order to determine your firm’s design fees. Similarly, to prepare an estimate, a photographer must have a detailed description of the assignment.

These are the major factors that a photographer needs to know in order to frame an accurate, detailed estimate. Based on all these factors, the photographer submits a formal estimate for the assignment. A photography estimate includes the assignment description plus three other components:

  • Licensing and rights granted
  • Creative/production fees
  • Expenses

Selecting a Professional Architectural Photographer

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Architectural photograph of Coe mansion in Arboretum Planting Fields, New York State Park

When Only Excellence Will Do

Image quality relates to persuasion. You aren’t merely documenting your work but are actively trying to convince other people that yours is the best of its class. Photography, like any other custom service, is never a “one size fits all” proposition, but a matter of finding the right person for the job.

Images play a major role in defining how we come to know architecture and interior spaces. Because photography is pivotal in understanding the built environment, choosing a professional to photograph your project is a most important consideration. Here are suggestions to make the experience of photographing your project a good one.